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WWE 2K15 fin came the computer, then the appointment consoles in October. Computer version Add all content games downloaded from the series, making it excellent. But there is no delay between the loss of interest.

The main event

WWE fans can know the story behind this game. The hope is that 2K Sports now on board, the franchise will suffer a much-awaited renewal. FormatonovaAnimatsiite audio resources are fully updated.

Unfortunately,This is not what the WWE fans like. Instead, the 2K Sports and name concepts (developers of their NBA title) to polish the game and facelift, but the inaccessible failures left. The result is a game that looks great until you start playing. Now not taking the wrong path to play WWE 2K15 and WWE 2K14, the problem is that fans are waiting for more.

Said new delivery adds some new gameplay torrents may indicate that the direction to improve the future could take. This includes mechanical combat(Usually it only saw the beginning of the battle) participating in mini-games of rock and treasure. This is followed by a delicate interaction, with the right to find the fastest point opponent, the pressure very well. It seems that if a spectator is found, but igrachVieNa prison, he lost most of the fluid and back to create.

That is why it is normal. It takes exactly the same attack, counter mechanism in the game and requires the patient to take the franchise that fans know and love. This usuallyIt works well with opponents as they gain momentum and control the pace of the game.


Always, however, you do not need much time to start the vizhdateproblemite. If you find yourself doing the movement You have to inflate Play Superstars while fighting against more than one opponent will often be blocked for the wrong contest. Sometimes it’s just a problem, but if you go to the Pine and instead go with another opponent, It can become annoyed.

Real complaint about my WWE 2K15 result missing in this 2K14 version,Or leave before the console.

2K14 includes a single-player campaign that takes over Wrestlemaina 29 years in preparation for Wrestlemania 30 this year, the regime has been replaced by two lines in the history of the competition, said: Collect Degeneration Xs and Scene and CM Blowout for free. This works fine if you are a fan of any of these cards, But it is not a symbol of last year, which will lead to a solo experience. Fortunately, you are playing alone, rounded shape work longer prezReditsiteFor the development of WWE NXT do less.

No other way of WWE 2K 15 is to create history. Although they rarely have patients now, I see the work of others will be wasted (while Fashion CommunityTer in your hands).

My last question is that WWE 2K15 time since it consoled a historic display has changed significantly. So letters in current position nowNesaotvetstvashti. Take Cesárico, who stood in 93 (one of the highest in the game), but lost to the teamCurrent with Tyson Kidd. In addition, CM Punk is still the warrants seem to indicate that this may be the last time I was in the listWWE resource.

Player B

WWE 2K15s biggest sin is that in the first half it’s wrong. I think the fans will want to create pravyat. Of recent years and a lot of effort has been placed on the movement and the regime. This makes the game, as well as last year – just better looking. That being said, maybe the year that will see the 2K game, they are willing to continue on their wayThey started Some new catchments of performance can lead to the deep character of breath-taking life, impressive vision in this game.

And maybe next year we can see the computer was put in a while. Please?