George Mason University is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Research and Education. Information technology means using computers and computer software to acquire, convert process, transmit, protect and retrieve data. Information is treated as a vital asset by successful firms that must be used effectively, updated constantly, and safeguarded carefully.

Business applications include databases like SQL Server , transactional systems such as real-time order entry, email servers like Exchange , Web servers like Apache, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems. For example, within the structural frame, a key information technology issue is whether a company should centralize the information technology personnel in one department or decentralize across several departments.information technology

The benefit is that men and women in other careers are taught how to use equipment properly and improve efficiency. Fidelity makes no guarantees that information supplied is accurate, complete, or timely, and does not provide any warranties regarding results obtained from their use.information technology

See the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Bachelor of Information Technology. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), occupations in the field of information technology are expected to grow faster than average from 2012-2022 overall.information technology

You will gain an excellent combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to influence an organisation’s technology infrastructure and the clients who use IT. Unemployment – While information technology may have streamlined the business process it has also created job redundancies, downsizing and outsourcing.