Morning announcements at school assemblies don’t have to take the same old routine, month after month, year in year out. It shouldn’t be something the staff and students have to endure before they can start their day’s work. It could be some minutes of infotainment; something interesting that can actually assist everyone to start the day with enthusiasm. We shall be discussing various ways to spice up morning announcements and inspire the entire community.

Normal morning announcements format

Standard reports will cover the pledge of allegiance often relayed by intercom to classrooms or homerooms. These morning classroom announcements are often made by the principal, although student council representatives have taken over this duty too. This strategy is perfect bearing in mind that students tend to be receptive to messages that come from their peers directly. Other common things include salutations, thought of the day, or special messages on a crucial information, or a congratulatory announcement.

You can make things interesting when you try out the ideas provided below. Just change your format a little. There is no need for you to scrap the current format. It’s all about adding flavor.

Theme of the day

Some schools have chosen to take a creative approach for morning announcements by offering new themes every day. Students can opt to direct their focus and energy in a positive activity. Some themes may include ” Help a friend Monday,” ” Solve a puzzle Tuesday,” ” Positive attitude Wednesday,” and so on. Teachers, principals, or student council reps can refer to any source to get the positive message or quotes every day of the week and encourage the entire school to follow through.

Riddle of the day

School announcements can incorporate the element of participation. This can be accomplished by presenting a riddle or math question for students to solve. The first student to solve it should offer the answer to a teacher and get a present for it.


Another superb way to keep school announcements interesting is through adding music. This is exactly what radio jockeys do during radio shows. If you keenly listen to the radio, you’ll notice that they use some tunes or sound effects before, during, and even after announcements. This alerts listeners and adds some effect to the messages being passed across. You can also do this with video broadcasting. Note that you can include a dedication song each day. Have the students vote for latest hits and then play the songs that get more votes. But, you must ensure that the content in the songs is clean, particularly when it comes to visuals.

Health and safety tips

Professionals in the field of safety or health can be invited to offer tips during morning announcements. The school nurse is one of those experts you can consider. Such people not only have the power to influence students positively, but they also act as role models. They can cover any topic as long as it’s relevant.

School announcements don’t have to be boring anymore. Consider incorporating these ideas we have discussed today!