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Knowledge of Real Estate.

Does the mention of the words real estate raise a couple of questions in your head? Well everyone has a vague idea of what real estate is. Words have it that a real estate is made of a piece of land and buildings on it. Physical and natural structures and feature such as crops, minerals, and others also are entailed in what makes a real estate. All the immovable objects of that nature and all real property like buildings, all make up a real estate.

Real estates are built on basis of what purpose does the owner have for it because different owners have different reasons for establishing a real estate. Real estate can also be taken as legal jurisdiction from the common law in a certain region of the world. All the same all those are attempts at describing what a real estate is.

Let’s look at residential type of real estates. A single family or multi-family may be bounded by job can be called the residences of a real estate. At other cases residents of the same real estate may not have any relationship at all. A real house estate might have different housing tenure physically. This may be due to reasons like; the residents might be owned by one person who made them and then leased them out. Another reason for this differences in tenure might be due to a residence being owned in a partnership that is governed by a set of rules.

Based on different features and tastes of owners residential real estates might be classified into different categories.

Multi-unit structure makes our first category under residential real estate. There are categories like apartments. An an apartment is a single unit in a multi-unit building. The boundaries of apartments are some locked or lockable perimeter doors. Another a sub-category is a multi-family house. In these cases different apartments are on each different floor such that each floor in a story house is an apartment. Under the category of multi-unit dwellings there is also the terraced houses. Single buildings sharing a common wall can be classified as a terraced building. We also have condominiums. These are complexes owned by individuals.Condominiums are complex or building in the attached category that is owed by individuals. In such buildings common areas and grounds are shared and owned jointly. In some places the condominium equivalents is a block of flats.

Cooperatives also fall into this category of multi-unit dwellings. Another category of this residence is the semi-detached dwellings. Boathouses make the top of the semi-attached list. A the houseboat is a house floating on water. The another example is the tents which are made temporarily using a non-long lasting material. Another example in this category is the duplex, these are two units with one shared wall.

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