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One thing bothered me a lot about windows incredible amount of time it takes the computer to move or copy files from one place to another. Fortunately, now I can use the tool to solve this problem.

TeraCopy copy lets you edit files / Windows files much faster, you will be especially grateful for some GB of data.

The program could not be easier to use: choose the desired copyIli fitxategiakMugitu you want, right-click and select the “TeraCopy”. The programIs a window where the destination folder and correspondent (move, copy, test), you can choose to open.

TeraCopy can also be launched independently, and horretanarrastatu cases and copy or move the files you want on the window you need to release. This method, but not with many right-click menu, takes time to find the basic menus and options since the interface as the intuitiboaTeraCopy.

TeraCopy copies and large amounts of filesConvertable much fasterAs the default windows file manager.


Added: Better USB devices ejection.

Added: Card reader to Aukeraartxibatzen ini.

Added: ForceSameDriveMode to ini file.

Added: new language strings.

Fixed: To drag MD5 files into the test.

Fixed: Always check the destination folder, and try administrator forprivilegiiako.