Immigration fears in countries such as the U.S. and U.K. might create huge opportunities for economic growth elsewhere—and Toronto is taking note. REACH is a quarterly event series diving into what’s coming next in tech and giving you the opportunity to experience gadgets first-hand. To be sure, there have been growing pains, but many think that the country is poised for tech growth. Tech D. I. Y. encourages women to learn about technology in ways that are simple and fun.

In fact you might get even better deals than you do with new gadgets if a seller is looking to get rid of some old tech quickly. Slated for completion in 2019, the Verizon Executive Education Center will provide another venue for synergy between the Cornell Tech academic community and industry.

It’s been an interesting year in tech and on the web as I continue to follow the trends regularly (and follow many of you on various networks). A vet tech might also be asked to restrain an animal, which risks exposure to bites and scratches. Join the TechTO Community to meet and learn from Toronto’s tech leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts.techtech

McAfee’s only conditions for the interview were that ABC News adhere to his schedule and location. Last April, Congress killed off the Office of Technology Assessment, the one office that was devoted to making policy recommendations about science and technology.

More uniform tech policies would let people know what the rules are and what the best practices are. In the other news release, a 5-decade old auto body repair business run by the 58-year old daughter of the shop founder was cited for its achievements through the