Thank you to all our parents who attended the Parents’ Meeting hosted by the University on 22 April. It should not be used just to use it. There needs to always be meaning behind it. Today’s specific technology might not be around when our students begin working as adults, but we must still begin to prepare them for a workforce that is become more technological every day.

Honestly, while today’s teachers are afraid to use technology in class because they ‘do not know how to use it,’ their students will have no problem picking it up. The teachers need to step out of their box and embrace the wonderful thing we call

Definitely in future we will explore the better opportunity with technology related products says Mr. Chandra Prakash , Director of this market is already occupied with big players like Valuefirst, ACL Wireless, Solutions Infini but this game is all about helping businesses ranging from small retail vendors to big MNC’s who would need solutions like this with premium application and support.

The question is still being debated today as global conglomerates invest the technology of manufacturing in less developed countries for access of cheap raw materials and cheap labor for the development of finished products which will be sold to US and Western European markets with none of the profits benefiting the population of the less developed countries.

In fact, allowing students to access the Internet and other digital resources can be a useful supplement to an education, because it provides as much context as the student wishes to discover, and can illuminate more than one perspective to any given issue.technologytechnology