USB – or Universal Serial Bus technology has become a widespread, simple, cheap way of connecting all kinds of devices. Microsoft executives used demonstrations to depict a near future in which artificial intelligence hosted online works with internet linked devices such as construction site cameras to alert workers of dangers, available tools, or unauthorised activities.

Smart Watches are wearable – technology devices that maintain a relatively persistent wireless connection to between mobile device—usually a smart phone and watch—and can receive notifications of incoming calls, texts, instant messages, social-network updates, and more, from that device.

This is mostly due to the fact that the difference in performance and cost between orbital launch vehicles and suborbital-only craft is narrow to begin with, and it will probably become more practical and economic to produce spacecraft types that can fulfill both roles as the technology advances.future technology

I think it was Marc Andreessen or Ben Horowitz who said, If the market really wants a technology it will pull it out of a company.” So even if the team is inexperienced and moving slowly and there are other challenges, if the market really wants something, that strong force can make it happen.future technology

Hyundai is developing this wearable robot with the aim of basically enhancing what human workers can do. So this idea of exoskeletons and there’s a lot of really interesting things that we’re seeing here for veterans, and things to help veterans who are coming back who’ve served this country really admirably who can now do things that they weren’t able to do, but again, that technology is now going to weave its way into industries.future technology