Last week, I joined a Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) dinner in Roppongi to help kick-off planning for the year ahead. Whatever the case, you can often count on pricing moves to be dramatic, and to have a profound effect on High Tech market segment in the long-term. One country that may be an obvious choice is Canada Canada has not only been vocal about its pro-immigration stance, but has also been investing in a small, burgeoning tech scene that’s emerged in the last five years.

The latest in hair removal technology, the Photo Therapy Flash (PTF) technology is an upgraded version of the IPL technology. Another aspect of smartphone technology is literally just days old, and that’s the latest version of Android. MaRS is an impressive project on paper: The center sits near the University of Toronto and consists of four towers, housing some 6,000 workers at tech companies small and

A support tech position obviously requires that the person has a working knowledge of the software or service itself. The center will be a place for the entire tech community to gather for conferences and meetups, a convening place to expand the impact the campus has on technology beyond

And the existing Office of Science and Technology Policy, which is meant to advise the president, is reportedly being sidelined within the new administration. Even more to the point, cybersecurity and technology issues so permeate every aspect of government now that a single all-encompassing policy may prove impossible.

Rose gold as a shade existed before tech companies like Apple decided to slap it on everything. Learn how Minnesota grows and educates new tech talent through a number of innovative programs. Its tech ecosystem thrives on the city’s historic industries, vitality, cultural richness and