Cerdik Sungguh strategi Mangemen PT.J Ekstrim Tech Indonesia yaitu vendor SAMSUNG yang anti serikat itu.Awalnya mangewment menginginkan permasalahan SP/SB bisa di selesaikan secara kekeluargaan (Bifartit) tapi ternyata mereka harus menyewa LAWYER,Mirisnya pada hari ini 11/12/2012 9 pengurus PUK PT.J EKSTRIMS TECH INDONESIA di panggil pihak Cikarang Nusantara(CN) perusahaan outsocing yang selama ini menjadi fatnernyaPihak CN memberitahukan bahwa 9 orang ini telah di pulangkan(PHK) ke pihak CN oleh Phak PT.J Ekstrim tech Indonesia sebagai pihak pemberi kerja, dan management mengatakan 9 karyawan tsb tidak bisa di pekerjakan kembali dengan alasan Order menurun.Mungkin management PT.J Ekstrim Tech Indonesia dan pengurangan akan berlanjut hari-hari berikutnya,Mungkin management merasa lega dan berhasil menyingkirkan 9 pengurus PUK tsb,Tapi sekali lagi tidak! There are certainly those still holding their breath for a tipping point, but with some 350,000 Canadians reportedly living in Silicon Valley , there’s plenty of skilled tech workers to bring back, for a start. In the world of the business, the use of technology has been even more dramatic.

The tech scene for me is much more cultural and a smaller microcosm that is spawning a lot of interaction. Tech Kids Unlimited is a not-for-profit technology-based educational organization for kids ages 7 to 19 with special needs. The commander-in-chief landed on the carrier’s flight deck on Marine One, took a tour and met with sailors.tech

This summer, explore a top campus, make friends as you master new tech skills, and join a community of 275,000 iD Tech students and alumni who are organizing robotics clubs, starting companies, founding nonprofits, and landing jobs at tech powerhouses like Facebook and Google.

Working through a school funded Launch Grant, Lower School science teacher Ms. Derrien has teamed up with Technology Specialist, Tony Cai and Makerspace Mentor, Joseph Heitzman to bring an augmented reality (AR) sandbox to the Lower School campus. A mixer will follow the panel from 8:35pm, and there will be free tacos from The Calbi Truck and over $4K in tech gadget giveaways.tech

A support tech is somebody who provides support to customers who are having some kind of problem with the companies software or service. The lack of boredom is directly related to the fact that there is often new technology to be learned about on a regular basis.tech