At the heart of every business is their customer satisfaction index. Customer experience has been cited as the single most important aspect of realizing excellence and success in every industry. It really doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, or how revolutionary your product is the ability to create, nurture and enable stellar consumer experience is what will differentiate your company or product from the losers. If you do not become laser focused, remain creative and utilize the available digital tools to create products and services that your customers are demanding then your business lies at the risk of becoming obsolete. Due to the competitive and demanding nature of the telecommunications industry, businesses operating in this niche have no option other than to make use of the modern trends to remain relevant. One way of doing it is looking at the freelance marketplace.

Freelance marketplace and customer experience

At first glance, it is not easy to connect the two together, however, for someone who understands the value that freelancers create and more especially in the telecom industry then it is not that hard to connect. To start with, one has to accept the fact that customer experience is not an event, but rather it is a product that is created from the interaction of a customer and an organization over a period of their relationship. It encompasses the quality of products they receive, the quality of the customer service, timely delivery of projects and services, response to queries, customer feedback among others. Making use of the telecom freelance marketplace for telecom industry improves the quality of projects, reduce the turnaround time, improve innovation and in the process transform the company’s brand. Look at freelancers like independent contractors who have a vested interest in the quality work they deliver and hence the well-being of your telecom company. They are willing to put in passion for delivering quality which in the end becomes what your client is looking for. The good news is, there are available platforms where you can source freelance engineers; field engineer is one innovative platform where you can get on demand engineers to help you kick start your customer experience.

Customer experience as a brand differentiator

If you are not using telecom freelance marketplace to improve your customer experience, well then you might as well start now. Customers are looking for that which is unique and as it is telecom industry is highly competitive. You need to give your customers reason to differentiate you from the competition. In the process, your will have a high new customer conversion rate, increased customer referrals, reduced customer support costs, reduced repeat projects and most importantly happy customers. If your customers can identify your brand as the place to go for quality projects and exemplary customer service, then you have differentiated your brand from the competition.

Redesigning the experience

Chances are, your company is not great in terms of Customer Experience (CX) if you are still utilizing the traditional workforce model. There is a high percentage probability that there are internal problems regarding your current employees’ productivity, skills gaps, repeat projects, high operation costs among others and that these bottlenecks have spilled over to the clients. You might have noticed from the amount of queries and complaints coming from the clients. You need to move to the workforce of the future to redesign the experience that your customers get. The benefits will accrue not only to your company’s benefit but the customers as well. This will be made evident by the positive feedback from happy customers, new customer conversions and well, increased revenues.