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Spotify makes the world’s online music streaming upside down, providing users access to a huge catalog of music anywhere at any time.

And though one has some features similar to the likeness of her, Stand in function of the needs of those who does not have a Spotify from other places. vosSpotify music database search done in several ways (by artist, album, after a decade, brand label), to sort and share shtoplejlistata want it with other users, you will find that comes out of your favorite thanks to extensive mengenaiBandand biographical information, very detailed. Spotify will help you find new music and works through a related artists.

There are three types of accounts Spotify open, unlimited and Philips. The book is limited to 10 hours per month of free supported (about 200 songs) and lets you play through five seasons pesnado.Infinitus no ads and playback mode. Finally, Premium includes high quality MP3 (not even ads or limitations) and also includes online mode for playlists.

Spotify big socialcriticism of the lack of features.
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Successfully into developersut these complaints and broke a new social group known in the next Spotify version along with a library of your music collection centralized oblastkade administer, including a list of your own Spotify MP3 files, which are not already in importariVestri hard drive from Spotify, iTunes or Windows Media player library andaPerpustakaan.

New included in the latest version of Spotify now lets you manage and synchronize your iPodthe music iPhone or Android. Further, mobile applications are available to all Spotify and non-premiumusers. Last but not least, Spotify launched a download service MP3nya thanks to which you can purchase and download individual songs or your own playlists. The price depends on the number of songs you want to download playlists minusdabimus many as just another song. You can pay by credit card or PayPal, although it is not acceptable if you just bought a song.

zaednokako good wine gets better with Spotifyage. If you do not limit the free version of the method (or, if you’re willing to pay for the Unlimited / Premium) to the desktop music player time to refine your years.

Spotify lets you browse, play, share and buy music, including bands, not only for yourself, but a new jugaGaya and lifelong favorite artists.


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