Information about Innovate UK’s emerging and enabling technologies programme for businesses that want to seek funding or find connections. With Google Glasses going through more and more stages of testing and uses and companies inventing apps that show the displays of drones while they’re in use, I have no doubt HUD (Heads Up Displays) will become technology people will see everyday. The science and technology that we witness in the sci-fi movies might soon become a reality.emerging technology

The challenge asks virtual reality specialists, video game developers, and education professionals to create ideas for educational simulations that would prepare students for future careers. The booths were designed to support voice conversations using the voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology built into SL, which works in a fashion similar to Skype” (p. 93).

Another focus of the article was to point out that learning is not simply improved by adding technology but by finding out ways that it can pull out the best qualities of both teachers and students. For instance, SixthSense technology must be disabled or removed when in use of dangerous machinery such as woodwork classrooms, metalwork rooms etc.emerging technology

Over the last 6 years we have built up a network of Catapults These are technology and innovation centres that bridge the gap between universities and businesses. The iPad is a type of mobile learning technology that has many useful features for ESL learners.

Technologies such as machine learning may ultimately allow computers to do many knowledge-based jobs that require significant education. The components for this technology are made up of a camera, projector, mirror, coloured caps and smart phone or laptop. The technology also created opportunities for such services as data recovery and Web content development that smaller players can provide.emerging technology