As something for us to aim towards or as a lens to view how future technologies can be used within future worlds and contexts, something always needs fixing in Star Trek. At higher Tech Levels, if antimatter ever becomes relatively cheap to manufacture, these type of devices may become commonplace. The second installment, released in June 2007, focused on technology trends and small establishments. Eye tracking has been actively discussed by technology enthusiasts throughout these years, but it’s really challenging to implement.future technology

This wearable, hands free technology complete with a camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, voice-activated commands and a heads-up display. For example specialized news topics, alerts, search criteria and shopping trends are provided to the client, on the basis that they will consume the advertising accompanied with it. The risk here is information pollution and information overload.

For the foreseeable future, the improvement of battery technology relies on modifications being made to already-existing lithium-ion technology. The rapid technological advancement will make technology more convenient and usable. Even though there are now some definitive lines among these industries, in the future these lines will be blurred.

Over the next few years, ASR technology will become more prevalent among everyday computer users. Future space technology may be predicted by taking a quick look at the past, the present and the leading edge of current technologies. Given the real prospects of metal shortages in the coming decades, I will assign an upside rating of6 to this technology.

Because of that, the technology could open up affordable suborbital travel to the mainstream. Once it’s out, it will be the frontier for the future tablets, as tech companies might want to build their own tablets, dedicated towards gaming, but for now Fiona is the only possible one that will debut in 2013.future technologyfuture technology