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Plants vs Zombies Game of the

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Plants vs. Zombies is a fun and simple game where you have to fight the Undead with unusual weapons, plants that grow in the garden.


Plants vs Zombies is little doubt anders.Horden of zombies who want to eat your brain and do whatever it takesto come to your house there. Rainbow Six Siege Oh Ha Ni
You will meet many of the Undead Zombie ordinary rugby players, divers and dancers.

Although you have the benefits of strategiyataI nehmenalle tactics several nivoaza survival, Plants vs. Zombies “crashed into mini-games like bowling, but you need instead of pinshandle the ball and zombies. These and other challenges to earn points that you can use the new system later or enhance species buying the ones you already have.

In addition to the government’s original adventure, Plants vs. Zombies comes to other wayskeep you entertained for hours. In Survival mode, you need the bezkraenOrda of zombies to protect testda as langebis regime Zen garden Time to relax and take care of your plants will continue to have before you take advantage of their gardening skills.

To protectyourself from zombies, you will find many flowers and vegetables that you can choose from: pictures of flowers, nuts to slow down enemies or mushrooms and daisies, you collect points of light will help to grow new plants as the currency use. All these rastenijapomogne tomake home safe sizombi.

Controls and gameplay

Plants Versus Zombies is controlled with the mouse. Transfers are easy to implement that will help to correct advanced missions.

Learning curve “Plants vs. Zombies” is extremely smooth Play allows relatively freeearly missions to the point where you feel like going quietly. This minimal weight increases gradually hellish final assault kadetoTryabva plan the perfect defense and our resources may be used well.


technical, Plants vs. Zombies is not exactly top gamebut of course nothing is missing. Its fun characters with a remarkable design that actually started at some point, that care for the curious look of the Undead.


undoubtedly “Plants vs. Zombies” is one of the most fun and addictive games that you computer igraeteNa.The number of plants and zombies is huge, but they are introduced gradually so shtoMozhete to avoid to stay level for a long time.