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PDF Cutting Tool is a text and graphics capturing tool that allows you to surprise PDF files, specific areas or take the whole page. Seeds can then be cut into other programs and pasted, saved as image files (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP or TIFF), web pages (HTML), plain text (TXT) or via email. It can also be sent to another Microsoft Office program. In fact, most of the things you can do with a PDF cut can be doneUsing screenshots, but integracjiUrząd suiteIs is useful.

Small parts ++ are released and simple apps that allow users to take pictures of online sites. This is another unofficial version of the product in the small parts tool The Gadget offers some unique advantages over previous ones. Java Runtime Environment is required to make sure it works with packages.

Functionality and application

TamMoże becomes many cases where the user is a partThis site to save. Some examples include ontfoutingsprosedures or when files are shared among multiple users. Another important advantage of the small + Gadgets section that supports multiple languages. Originally written in German. It also includes a basic image editor when the details to be covered in the page to resolve privacy protection issues. It can be stosowanyaby taking pictures of the entire page, or on the one handHighlighted.

Other benefits

Small parts Tool ++ allows users for all files to continue to save their hard drive. However, it is also possible to upload the files to img hosting Imgur. Since the cutting tool is only megawytes ++, it offers a smaller memory footprint than the same option.