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If this information, you can add a photograph of a family member, his izenaizena and surname, date of birth and death, if necessary, add a resume. Process at the end of the tree, you can export and share withFriends.

My family tree benefits include time scrolling, online support, your data can protect the password, you have Windows 7, the touch screen can use the support of the vizualizaytsii data, there is no slider mode, the genealogical zuhaitzadaude files are saved and then add the processResearch (for example, if you know a family member or some documents about), you can track your family using the Google Earth bewegtAuf service gender. Communications

In general, I liked the family tree, this easy-to-use program interface is attractive, hasRich features, you do not need money, you need to install the .NET Framework version, I think this will be a bateanhau problem for a modern system.

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