You may have seen on the news, social media, or in gowise air fryer review, that a new cooking appliance is taking the world by storm and impressing cooking fanatics everywhere. I speak of course of the air fryer. The appliance that uses a state of the art technology to fry food quickly and efficiently, without using a whole load of grease that makes food unhealthy and makes your kitchen dirty. A lot of technology companies are jumping on the band wagon and releasing their own air fryers that boast a multitude of different features and amazing attributes. And in a market place that is gradually growing and growing, it’s hard to know which fryer is the best choice for you. Well, look no further! We are going to talk about two air fryers that are sleek, modern and deserve to be in your kitchen.

Gourmia GTA1500

The gourmia air fryer is an ingenious piece of cooking equipment. The first thing that strikes you about it, is its versatility. It can function as a myriad of different appliances as well as a fryer, namely: a steamer, a convection oven, a grill and an air rotisserie. So, first thing to mention is you’re getting more than just an air fryer, you are getting an appliance that has a plethora of different uses. Its small and sleek design also make it perfect for kitchen or even a living room if you fancy it! This also means that it is easily portable and reliable too! It even comes with an Auto Rotating Classic Rotisserie, as well as a Steamer Rack! If you purchase this particular Air Fryer, it is obvious that you are investing in so much more, it’s a state of the art machine with a multitude of different uses!

Breville VDF105

Breville are obviously famous for their toasted sandwich makers. And now they are trying their hand at the newest cooking appliance on the market! The Breville VDF105 is built with durability in mind, it comes with a non-stick bowl (that is also dishwasher safe) that protects against mess and burns! And it also has a handy tilt function for when the time comes to serve up your delicious food. It is eye-catching too, with a lime green design, it looks at home in any modern kitchen around! It includes a roasting rack and a measuring spoon too! All the equipment you need to get started cooking amazing food, an air fryer from a company that you can trust!

There you have it! Two of the best air fryers on the market today. Whichever one you go for, you can be sure that you are investing in an ingenious invention, with a wide range of uses and incredible features. Either of these air fryers would compliment any modern, sleekly designed kitchen! Have a look at them yourself and see the amazing features that are on offer!