If we look life 100 years ago, and compare that with the today’s life, we will notice that Science has dramatically changed human life. Initial confusion by students analyzing experimental findings is not necessary bad, because they are using critical thinking processes. Science is an ongoing story, told by the people most likely to believe their own hype. Bronx Science is home to many of the city’s top students, and has produced eight Nobel Prize winners, six Pulitzer Prize recipients and eight National Medal of Science honorees.science daily

If you are a tea lover you may now consume your beloved tea with the added confidence that you may add health of one’s skin to the other healthy benefits of green tea consumption. To download the free app ScienceDaily for iPhone and iPad by ScienceDaily, LLC, get iTunes now.science daily

It is the basis for which we measure out from the Earth to any given object in space. For example the refrigerator has played a major role in maintaining public health ever since its invention. Girls start believing they aren’t good at math, science and even computers at a young age – but providing fun STEM activities at school and home may spark interest and inspire confidence, suggests a new study.

The Professor stood in an environmental suit, waiting to have his helmet put on. Over the next few days, through our daily videos, you will be meeting the Laureates and also the judges to find out how they pick the winners. Medical writer Lara C. Pullen interviewed some Falun Dafa practitioners in 2000 for an article published in CBS Health Watch.

Research in industrial chemistry has created a vast range of plastics and other synthetic materials, which have thousands of uses in the home and in industry. This member of the weasel family is also the smallest marine mammal, with females weighing about 60 pounds and males weighing up to 90 pounds.science daily