This is tech based era and everything is so easy these days. This has been done so easy with the help of software. Each and every field is using software for their own purpose like institutes, banks, airlines, hospitals and other.  When you are using software in your industry, you should also know about how software is working and its estimation and measurement. Function point analysis (fpa) is the one measurement of software. You should get idea about effectiveness of your software or project. If you do not know how to check software estimation, then you should join software estimation and measurement using ifpug FPA classes. There are many definitions given by different authors and one author said that function point analysis is the metric for software environment, supports for estimating and managing quality and requirements.

IFPUG is the International Function Point Users Group that provides tools to all candidates for learning and understanding the function point technique. Function point analysis course is certified by IFPUG and lectures are given by highly experienced and professionals people. After completing course, candidate will get to learn about:

  • Candidate will get to learn fundamentals of function point counting
  • FP counting will be understood with help of guidelines, hints and examples.
  • Overtime of employees will be reduced.
  • Effective communication will be learn with other business user groups
  • Size of software applications will be measured with function point counting
  • Candidate will also learn about limitations and uses of function point techniques.
  • Function point techniques used in software estimation with case studies.
  • Transaction and inventory of all files and current project will be estimated with function point.

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Function Point Analysis Covers Following Topics:

  • Complete overview of function point analysis
  • Data functions
  • Collect documentation and identify user requirements for software development
  • Basics of process and functions of transactions
  • Sharing of data concepts
  • Purpose, count, scope, boundary and type will be determined with FPA.
  • Counting will enhanced by projects
  • Value adjustment factor
  • Conversion functionality
  • Applying and calculating functional size measurement

Job scope when you have FPA certificate

Candidates, who have completed this course, are huge in demand. Large number of organizations are in the market who develop software and looking for professional person who can find out function point analysis for that project. Add a headline on your resume that you are FPA certified and job competition will be easy for you.