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Mendidih Bro 2017

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Mendidy BroAfter, winning the best short film competition at the university, Adi ordered the task of producing a documentary about the last country in Southeast Asia. And what kind of management should be addressed by the reader, professor, amy, philippines, in order toShoot Adi three letters, which he will choose in his own country. He is helped by a classmate of Mary, and later the Affected Visit recognizes one’s own, making the connection with Surai unpleasant and mindful. As in Adi Suraya is now disappointed, and he went to her, his father, toSomehow, Azri, Pak Vahav was still alive. Meanwhile, he went against Adung Adi: Adi and a stone, who cares that the trader makes his convenient disorder in.

Language: Malay

He added: P13

General Date of publication July 31, 2017

Genre: Rock / Romance

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes


Cast: Azrel Ismail, Juliana Evans Marlin Guinta, Jank Casem, Adrea Abdullah, Lokman, Emi Mastura

Directed by: Z. Lokman

Format: 2D