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Facts about Female Urinary Tract Infections Infections that affect the passage of urine are called urinary tract infections. Women are more likely to be affected by urinary tract infections than men according to research, but anybody can contract this diseases. Important factors one ought to know about UTIs include their prevention, symptoms and their cure. Various dimensions of urinary tract infections are discussed below: Urinary tract infection causes Germs causes urinary tract infections and spreads from the urethra up to the bladder, causing bladder diseases. The body can naturally get rid of the germs through urination, but in some severe cases, the bacteria multiply leading serious diseases. Failure to treat the infections during its initial stages will result in major kidney illness.
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Why are female likely to contract UTIs?
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Women are more likely to get urinary tract infection because their urethra is shorter and very close to the anus. Other factors including menopause, diaphragm for birth control and sexual activities are some of the activities that increase probability of getting UTIs in women. UTIs symptoms Symptoms of urinary tract infections includes Urinary Incontinence, bad urine smell, lower abdomen pain, pain when urinating, Strong and frequent desire to urinate with little urine. Factors that increase chances of contracting UTIs Infections of the prostate raises chances of getting infected. Blockage in the urinary tract resulting from issues such as a stone in the bladder or kidney is another problem that increases chances of being infected. A woman sex partner can also infect her with UTIs. Prolonged sickness such as diabetes or HIV can also make a woman prone to urinary tract infections. The strength of the immune system also determines how likely a woman is to getting infected with UTIs. Tips to lower chances of contracting UTIs Eating a lot of fruits, avoiding sugary diet, keeping off from alcohol and washing up after sex are some tips to help you reduces chances to contracting urinary tract infections. Are there any treatment for UTIs? Urinary Tract infections are treatable and are very common. Proper care and early diagnosis can easily treat this infections. However, you should not ignore even the slightest symptom of UTI as it easily treated in its early stages, while it will require special treatment if the infection is not detected early. UTI is a common disease that can easily be prevented and treated. UTIs are treated by the use of antibiotics but if there are recurring UTIs, D-mannose and home replacement can be used to reduce the infection. Women need to be more cautious as they are likely to get infected with this diseases. This doesn’t mean men shouldn’t take care too because the infection can affect everybody regardless of your gender.