SYNC® 3 – The latest version of the Ford infotainment system is as lovely and intuitive as it ever has been, with a larger, brighter screen display, touchscreen functionality, and expanding use of voice recognition. This technology won them the prestigious FLEXI award, a recognition given to firms in the flexible and printed electronics segment. News Corporation just stopped investing in MySpace at a crucial time,” they said. It’s great for times when you just want to hear talk radio from other cities around the country instead of hearing the same old rhetoric from your local hosts.

Witness the Wonders of 3D Printing: See the full potential of additive manufacturing, with hands-on tests of the latest 3D printers and gear. The Logitech system is an internet-enabled outdoor camera (with night vision) allows you to monitor via a computer.

One of the most interesting about this device is that you can instantly and easily insert and remove it into a USB port of a computer or a laptop. BlueGnome manufactures genetic screening kits based on microarray technology that let fertility doctors screen IVF embryos for chromosomal abnormalities such as extra copies of chromosomes, as seen in people with Down syndrome.

We may not see the B-Membrane concept computer for some time, but it’s certainly worth mentioning just in case. Machine learning can turn all of this information into everything from images of virtual reality to self-driving cars or even recommendations on where you should go to dinner tonight in Paris.latest technologylatest technology

The latest products from Microsoft are built to bring students and school districts into its infrastructure. With its wide-angle field of view, the new technology could be used in future surveillance devices or for imaging in medical (such as endoscopic) procedures.latest technology