Most of us are still bruised and confused after the last six months of madness, but at some point, you have to begin looking and see if there is anything out there worth investing in, not speculating in, but truly investing in again. The technology related to digital citizenship that I explored this week was Digital Citizenship and Creative Content ( ). This is a free product, ready for immediate use, whose goal is to create an awareness of the rights connected with creative content.emerging technology

Emerging technology is also teaching us what kind of technology is letting us perform this stuff every day and how we can improve it. The nanotechnology industry is improving their products every day, just like what we are learning about how other online tools are improving themselves so that more people can use them as a fast, fun, easy and convenient way for their audience.

Shortlisted entrants will be invited to present their ideas to a panel of expert judges at the competition final, taking place at Chemistry Means Business 2017 This is a high-profile two-day event bringing together start-ups, small and medium enterprises, multinational organisations, and academic entrepreneurs from across the chemistry-using community.emerging technology

As written above, there are of course the negative points to this technology also and that could be from storing information on Cloud so that it is accessible to anyone, therefore there are privacy issues, social concerns and of course the safety issues in particular, the radio waves, which could cause brain cancer in children.

Your in-depth knowledge and insight around the millennials, technology and the future workspace and the convergence of the two provided our participants with unique views on the exponential changes happening and for the need to be adaptable in the future.emerging technology