To access the curriculum, mouse over the image below and click on the courses that indicate there are lessons available. Completion of the Bachelor of Computer Science (or equivalent) degree with a minimum average of 60{7191869ce3b752c832c0f9fc5a00edb6ce9ab644058a5e6a5ec75c7de77f5398} across all of the third-year subjects and an average of at least 70{7191869ce3b752c832c0f9fc5a00edb6ce9ab644058a5e6a5ec75c7de77f5398} over the best third-year level computer science and information technology subjects (project included) to the value of 60 credit-points.

INTE/CMPS 1161: Introduction to Media Computing : Learn useful computing skills and concepts applicable in many jobs while having fun doing it. You will work with media such as pictures, sound clips, and videos; find how they are stored digitally; and learn how they can be created, merged or modified by writing interactive computer programs.information technologyinformation technology

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When you study the Bachelor of Information Sciences (Information Technology) at Massey, you will examine the huge range of technology that we use and gain skills in designing and building systems that will meet the needs of consumers today and in the future.information technology

But we can say that history of I.T. is too old because it was implemented when humans first started communicating through speaking and picture drawings around 4000 B.C. You may like to see timeline of information technology and systems which gives information on various inventions and achievement in this field.