Drones are unmanned aircraft technology that is generally driven by remote or autonomous controllers through software control. Various functions can be obtained from unmanned aircraft, ranging from regional exploration, military supervision to entertainment.

What we will discuss in this article is the use of drones as a military surveillance tool.

First why unmanned aircraft are used as military watchdogs or can be considered a military security medium?

Back to the definition of unmanned aircraft is a drone, of course in the military world is needed as a border region supervisor for example. In addition to reducing the risk of losing the lives of border officers, drones can also reach and supervise terrain that cannot be reached by humans.

Gradually, technology is growing as well. As a military watchdog it will be most effective if the drones are armed with long range shooters such as missiles or rockets. Surely this has become a conversation in various countries that use the drone as a vanguard to supervise the border.

Besides being armed as a border supervisor must have eyes with good sharpness as well. Eye is a camera with a level of sharpness that is able to produce digital images with the best quality. Battery as a source of energy must also be considered, because a good eye will not be able to work optimally if the power source cannot support drone resistance.

The drone of the camera is the load, and the load affects the battery life. The weight of the load raised by the drone must be the duration of the drone fly will be reduced. Therefore it takes a super light camera technology but can produce the best digital image.

The unique drones that can be applied as a uav security system, among others are:

Loon Copter

This drone has the ability to operate on the water surface and dive. This drone is a project of Oakland University Embedded System Research. The first prototype of Loon Copter has been tested since early 2015. By having unusual abilities, this drone has considerable abilities such as surveillance, search missions, and rescue. It is suitable for border security system especially border area of water area.

Drone Spider-Man

It is said Spider-Man, because this drone can shoot nets into other drones, so this drone can be used to put the drones of “Naughty” and bring the drone to a safe place. Perhaps while surveying drones encounters drone oversight of the opposing party or in this case the neighboring country, then this drone is useful.

Ehang 184

This drone is not like a drone in general. This drone can accommodate passengers in it. Ehang 184 can carry one person weighing 100 kg and traveling 100 kilometers per hour. With a function like that Ehang 184 can be applied as a drain diagram in the event of a natural disaster.

Zano Drone

Zano drone is a prototype that has the ability to take self-pictures. The device is only measuring 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches has a 5MP firepower with optical images stabilizing capabilities. Suitable as a spy drone.