I made it through cancer treatment, and I could not wait for my hair grow back, too. When it finally did, I was amused that my hair came back differently and my eyelashes barely grew back. I figured that the least my body could do was to let me have my body back the way it was after all I had been through. A fellow cancer-treatment friend told me about Careprost after explaining to her that no one was listening to me about not being happy about my eyelashes being so non-existent. She said that she had used it herself and had been very happy with the results.

I don’t know of anyone that wants cancer. It is a scary position to be in. But most people I know who have been through it fight hard to beat it. My doctor told me very soon after my diagnosis that research has shown that staying positive through treatment really can help you. I am lucky that I’m a pretty positive person already, but I had to remind myself again and again to stay positive so that I could become healthy again. I fought hard to not let the many scary things about my illness bring me down. I took the time to visualize myself healthy and with my hair growing back. So it was a disappointment to see that my eyelashes were so sparse compared how they had been previously.

I ordered the eye drops that my friend had talked to me about. If they worked for her, I figured they would work for me, too. I saw growth in the first few weeks, and I thought that was amazing considering that they had stopped growing six months earlier. After about 5 months of treatment, I really feel that my lashes are longer and prettier than they were before. I get a lot of compliments on them now.