There are two types of ways to make phone calls abroad via IDD service or Clear Channel technology channel and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). IDD Service is a voice conversation service using clear channel technology with better quality than voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Meanwhile, the internet does not recognize long distance and international (all local connections), therefore communication using VoIP is relatively cheaper from long distance. Remote and direct connection. For more information you can visit :

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In Indonesia there are three operators that have license to provide IDD access services (001 and 008), Telkom (007), and lastly Bakrie Telecom (009). As for the SLI through VoIP, in addition to these three operators, other players who participate plunged quite a lot. Whether it is from the operator or internet service provider company. The feature of the VOIP access code uses the code with the prefix “010XY”. The XY letter is different from each operator. An example is the Telkom Global access code that is 01017 and the three VOIP access codes are 01089.

To make international calls using the IDD access code we just need to add the IDD access number code before the country code number and destination number.

Call to mobile number:

IDD Code + country code + destination number.

Calls to house / office numbers:

IDD Code + country code + area code + destination number.

For example if you want to call to Malaysia by 007 that is by press: 00760xxxx

+60 is the country code for Malaysia.