Each article has a bio box and byline (conjointly famous as the ingeniousness box) that let references and happening accumulation for the communicator’s blood. Related Journals of Project Development: International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology , Informatics System Management Journal , International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications, Journal of Telecommunications System & Management, Applied Numerical Mathematics, Design Studies, Egyptian Informatics Journal.

Promoting recycling is also another goal of Green Technology through providing product alternatives that are reusable and recyclable hence significantly reducing the amount of waste and pollution that is produced during man’s production and consumption of his wants and needs.

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Its influence on society can also be seen in how people use technology and its ethical significance in the society. If we’re facing a future with complete reliance on computers and failed interaction with other people, our species will suffer. Technology research articles provide rich information about components of technology, and their affect upon scientific practices.

Knowledge has become easily accessible to students in every part of the world with the implementation of technology in the field of education. Different branches of companies located in different parts of the world are able to communicate with each other via the use of their computers.technology articlestechnology articles