Churches play an important role in communities. They are often the first organizations to reach out when there is hardship. Their function is to use the word of the gospel to give hope and a spirit of togetherness to their communities. Although the cornerstone of the church will always be faith in God, churches play a much larger role than that. They’re often counselors for people who are depressed. They play the role of provider for people who are in need. Because of this, it has always been important for churches to have a way to communicate with its members on a consistent basis.

In the past, communication was achieved during sermons, church social events and dinners, and through newspaper announcements or fliers. In today’s digital era, churches have a much bigger platform with which to communicate: Apps. Today’s churches are getting wise and joining the mobile revolution through mobile apps. There are many reasons to bring a church into the mobile era (review ways here).

The first of these reasons is to communicate the many missions the church has at any given time. Take for example church fundraisers. You don’t have to go door to door to alert members to these fundraisers anymore. You can reach out through a church app. Built in donation features allow members to contribute to current fundraisers at the click of a button. Although this is the dawn of connecting to a church through mobile apps, it has caught on like wildfire. Congregations have realized the advantages of mobile applications and quickly learned that every church needs a mobile app in order to do its most effective work in the community.

As more churches have created their very own mobile apps, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Just by giving church members and the community outside the church access to an app, churches can very quickly grow their membership and take donations much more easily than in the past. Churches are free to use these mobile platforms to communicate anything they want to, at any time they want to, and members of the congregation or even people outside the church can see the good that a particular church is doing for its community.

Tithing apps are among the most popular types of church apps, though they can have built in features that let administrators add things like a calendar, prayer lists, and church announcements within the tithing app. If a church is holding a particular fundraiser, they can post daily updates about this, too, journal style. For tithing and fundraiser apps, it’s easy to add a counter to let people know how much money the church has taken in during the week or for a particular cause. This can sometimes motivate people to give even more, as they see the church drawing closer to its goals.

As time goes on, even more churches will enter the digital age and begin to use technology to its greatest advantage. This will bring still more good into the world via the church.