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Geostorm 2017

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When a satellite network designed to control the global climate begins to attack Earth, it is a race by the time to reveal true threats before global geostrophic erases everything and everything. When a tremendous climate change threatens the survival of the earth, the world government unites and creates a program for Dutch boys: the global satellite network surrounding the planet and armed with geo-engineering. Design to eliminate natural disasters. After a successfulDefense on this planet for two years, started something wrong. Two separate brothers have a duty to fix program damage before World Geostrom can absorb the planet.

Geostorma, a bowl in space to prevent epic attacks from being created to prevent satellites from managing the climate. Back to his fatherland, his brotherThe plan to kill the president.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Information Friday, 19 October 2017

Genre: Action / Science Fiction

Duration: none


Actor: Gerard Butler, Abby Cornish, Catherine Winnick, Alexander Lara, Amr Vacet, JimSergers, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia

Director: Dean Devlin

Format: 2D