Future Technology is one of the High Tech Solution Providers in Pakistan with focus on the cutting edge information technologies leading to effective information management for organ-isations. For those who care about saving our planet’s resources, there is an option – devices at solar battery or … muscle strength! From the Jetsons to Terminator, robots have always been a part of our foreseen future. The internet and technology has facilitated this process and it has encouraged people to be more creative and innovative.

Future wireless technology dictates that one day not too far ahead of us this will become totally wireless as well. Future products made from green technology would comprise of super computers, smart appliances, taller buildings, safer living and travelling standards.future technologyfuture technology

To see all 13 trends and view the entire presentation, enter your email address in the box below. In the Traveller RPG setting, the Ancients used specially-designed pocket universes with collapsed dimensions to create their robust teleportation devices. This year saw various trends in Biometrics Technology, which is most likely to rise in the coming years.

NASA is also developing flywheel batteries for use on the International Space Station and other future space ventures. Some have suggested that some personal tech devices may actually come with pre-loaded back-doors or software that could be used by hackers to steal data or commit identity theft crimes.

Because Helium-3 is rare on Earth, its likely that 2H3 reactors will first be built in space, especially on future moon bases and settlements, where Helium-3 saturates the dust and surface rocks. The possibilities are endless and we can only begin to imagine where future advances in technology will take us.future technology