Frequently Asked Questions About BlastTac Blast Blankets And Curtains

Individuals who work in the industrial field must be protected at all times from the injuries that can occur due to chemical explosions, high temperatures, and the outbreak of a fire. Using the best blast blankets and curtains will ensure employees remain safe in the event of a blast or other catastrophe. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about BlastTac Blast Blankets and Curtains.

How do blast blankets and curtains protect workers from explosions and fires?

Blast blankets and curtains are constructed to effectively repel heat, fire, and arc flash. Since these products are constructed of non-flammable textiles, they won’t ignite, melt, or burn when exposed to high temperatures or fires. These durable blankets and curtains resist the negative effects of molten metals, flammable substances, and various chemicals. The products are exceptionally durable and, even after they’ve been exposed to flames and high heat, they still offer maximum protection. During the construction process of blast blankets and curtains, urethane is applied to these products for waterproofing.

What are some of the specifications of blast blankets and curtains?

The specifications of blast blankets and curtains include protection from ballistics, fragments, fire, and arc flash. These products are very lightweight and pliable, and they don’t release any offensive odors. If necessary, blast blankets and curtains can be custom ordered and constructed in any size. They can also be engineered to precise specifications for a variety of industrial applications. After completion of these products, they’re tested internally and also through independent laboratories to ensure their strength and durability.

What other some other applications in which blast blankets and curtains are used?

In addition to industrial uses, oil and gas industries use blast blankets and curtains for equipment and refinery protection. Police and security personnel often use them for personal protection and to safeguard themselves during an explosion. Blast blankets and curtains are used in the military to cover vehicles and for protection from explosive devices.

Contact BlasTac for more information about blast blankets and curtains for a safe working environment. Additional industries served by this company’s products include oil and gas, police, military and fire departments.