FIFA 14.1 download free torrent

FIFA 14.1 download free torrent

FIFA 14.1

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FIFA 14 introduces new features that enhance gameplay and add more realism to the best football simulator for the PC.

purest form of reality

New features in this version is more emphasis on the world gameplay.EA introduced a number of features designed to improve the realism of the game to levels never before seen in the game of football.

EA is working hard on the player animation. new functions for the correct movement meansSprints accelerations, delays, rotate and baguhinsa direction is very soft and more realistic.

Increasing it in fact mean improvements in the control of the ball. Now you can use your body as a shield to protect the space and possession of the ball. It is important to stop and dictating the pace of implementation.

Also new in this version is the technique of shooting and ball physics. For Pure Shot, respectivelythe execution environment, players can opredelyatNay ideal location and anglerisasi in focus. Arrows can be calibrated in millimeters, and the new physics of the ball you can seeThe effect of the trajectory of the ball to the varied and realistic.

Another feature is working as a detective timu.EA rework this aspect so that players can now interpret the situation in the game like a real player. Players can now watchTheir songs defenders and go on the defensive line. They saVsichki simple visual observations indicate weweambayo options are available. Not only does it look closer to the real game, but there are many events taking place all over the field. Hoping kamiay provide an intuitive way to communicate information to the players, especially those who are not familiar with the series.

kujihaminyanja the game is one of those things that EA is workingsharply with the introduction of dynamic pressure which deflators now make decisions based on the most Ramkin gameplay, resulting, more reliable decisions under inspiration.

MwishoHapa it, as in a real game, the team continued, trying to stop the clock for a huge hike possession of his half of the field, run to safety risks and the new version allows the players of the opposing team guessing strategyyou have to increase the pressure on his rivals middle, like in a real game. the fact that it makes the game great!

DopalnenieZa improvements in gameplay, EA added other new features that enhance the experience. Working conditions, for example, could be your kutumawachunguzi your team to look young talent. You can specify a detailed profile of the player you are looking for, and collaboration and talentscout through the function menu.

As for the onlinemultiplayer game, EA has introduced a Co-op Seasonsonline. Awaited treatment, you can play in pairs with another friend to a match against two onlaynIgrachi space, from ten divisions to try to reach the first place and win the league title.

FIFA 14 introduces new furahaujuzi (appearing for the first time in FIFA 13) for training and improving your technicalskills. And speaking of technology, the game now includes an important section that describes in detail how to make moves, dribbling, the movement of the top players and associations.

Fifa14 finally redesigned interface of the official game to make more useful and have an attractive new design. On the other hand, the training menu, tactics and team management are included in the redesign.

Manages the truth

kishakama appearin the field, FIFA 14 shows its best side. The controls are the same as the previous version, but a sense of experienced players are better.

There are more commands, smooth gameplay and slower, razumnaTempotogameplayna encourages teamwork. Improvements in individual games and reactivity of players, defense, and when establishing maneuver is obvious.

The aforementioned works of Pure Shot and PrecisionMovement on high fizikiagameplay improved infant and allow you to make complex movements and interesting maybe easier than ever before.

the same graphic engine, but more realism

Unlike otVersii for PS4 and Xbox One nextkizazi console, FIFA 14 for PC is not kasamaInstant new graphic engine. engine version of the computer, however, updated and FIFA 13. The graph character differ slightly from the original version, but improvingphysics and animation greatly contribute kuongezauhalisia.


It was not easy, but Electronic Arts again managed to improve his game. ChemSketch 11.0 download free torrent The new features of geympleyaSa clearly geared more toward hardcore gamers than casual players, and EA has brought the reality of the game levels milelesi seen before.

Despite the measures taken by PESbagong FIFA 14 and confirmed the strength of its leadership as the best footballgame on the market.