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It is incredible to think that it had been 15 years since the FIFA sports game dynasty began. FIFA 09 is far from the 16-bit game, graphic and rigid originals. But, of course, the question is, how much better is this than FIFA 08?

The answer, in short: a few. The graphics in FIFA 09 have been filtered out, with a more realistic picture of budding football stars, and some great new animations inside and outside the ball. PresentationThis game As always, with new intro sequence that includes playersacynhesu in tunnels, sing a special song for each club, not to mention the system ‘widget’ new menu page, where various statistics online and offline will be displayed all the time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to test reviews in FIFA 09, as it is not included in the demo version.

As for the game, FIFA 09 offers journeySmoothly, although some changes in the way the game operates. Apart from a few new tricks and additions more realistic crime. I can do without quarrelsThis, because weithiaumae’n take your players to wake up after a heavy hit. Indeed, one of the new FIFA 09 game improvement is the physical presence of some players, which means large defenders are more likely to wrap the ball, we need more deception to pass through them.

FIFA 09 demo ThoughThe game demo is limited to four minutes between the choice sixKelabs, full release looks ready to improve on its methods bar online. I’m very excited about the new Adidas Live Season mode in FIFA09, where players ‘knowledge’ is updated dynamically depending on the presentations in real life.

FIFA 09 is definitely a great football simulator, but unless you’re really interested in gaming aspectOnline, you may not be able to see a lot of profit in the upgrading of FIFA 08 (except, recent transfers).

Whether it will prove better than Pro Evolution 2009 is a matter of extensive debate, but FIFA 09 is definitely the best version of the EA series to date.