Emerging Technology Roadmap

Over the past year, I have been working with library leadership on the creation of a new role for me within our Library system. Staying apprised of Industry trends and maintaining relationships with key partners allows us to harness cross-discipline knowledge to create the best solutions. Technology will continue to grow and find its way into the area of education and into classrooms.emerging technologyemerging technology

The concept and the potential application for new technology regarding transportation concern the greener and less pollution emission of today’s transportation vehicles. The second educational technology I am reviewing this week is the website, ESL Games ( ), which offers free, fun, and interactive games for ESL leaners of all ages to work on English vocabulary and grammar.emerging technology

By empowering more employees within a company to take charge of transformation, not only does it lessen the bottleneck but it also sidesteps the IT resource drain many companies are experiencing. Our industrial partners are multinational companies who are global leaders in their fields; they will provide tailored support and guidance to all winners in each of our competition categories.

Jiten Dajee is a subject matter expert on digital reality technology spanning the entire value chain of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Last March 7 we attended a symposium about Enhancing Health Through Technology. There are many other forms of emerging technologies which can be found either online or in IT journals.

By combining technology tools that enable agility with a new mindset and approach to IT, companies can not only adapt to rapid change, but flourish. Companies have developed nanotech solar cells that can be manufactured at significantly lower cost than conventional solar cells.