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Crusader Kings II v2

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Title: Our Kings 2

Genre: RPG, strategy simulation

Manufacturer: Paradox Development Studio

Paradox Interactive publisher

Publication date 14 February 2012


To get out of the dark ages, but European standards. They compete for the benefit of their kings, princes, less energy of the corps of the corps of troops, to say a little, surrounded them and seek him. This pope called on Christians to protect the sides of the saint in the intervention of bishops denegat from the earth, and they also haveGive up your own power and wealth. SegaIma time to size. Lord of security to expand in the future of your dynasty. Fill men who in search of well-known things to have in the bag, divide the race for them and consume heretics, introduce laws and interact with hundreds and noble births, you can observe broadcast to him. Good Lord will always need friends to support him. But be careful how loyal vassals you canThe bitter rivals of the Romans, to the sword, not as a hand, but the truth, like the one who came into this world to stand still, and the vigilantness of the vice, whispered his name in delight. NeImate what you need to quit, we have a king? The 2 Kings are investigating one of the most important moments in the history of use by the masters of the great Saveta strategy. After the greatest Mongolian protectprzed attack the power struggle with the pope and the bishops survive the Middle Ages with maximum32 other players in multiplayer competitive mode


AXIS; 2 GB of video: GeForce (8) 800 or ATI Radeon X1900 graphics card, 512MB of graphics memory 10 :: Make-compatible CardAdditional sound, 3-button mouse and keyboard