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If you have an old Windows XP computer, sit in the closet, you will still want to benefit him every now and then. Windows XP is interrupted in recent years, but this does not prevent it from maintaining a small portion of the market share. I have a lot of software to support this system starenjeoperativni to be cordial and functional. Chrome KSP is a small example!

Almost contemporary

Chromium Vista puts a modern gloss on the old operating system. Although not all has mozharabits nekiiznenađujućebig difference. Some of them, such as adding new icons and colors to the operating system and other software like Windows Explorer, are welcome. Others, such as the creation of an active space in the Start menu, can not be met at all. But overall it is a good konverzijaZajednički interface.

Collection and selection

Chromium Vista there are several small cities. There is a small amount of unused space on the right side of the watch and neck alkaliLittle things that are unable to ignore it because they promped notice. But if you go on it and find the Start Menu icon fits well with your preferences, as described above, and then using Chrome KSP can do you old XP machine looks a little bit fresher, a bit more modern. And, of course, this is not a bad stvardo.