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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 12

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Big Brother, which began in 2000, has become an annual tradition for the supporters; Every summer (except winter 2008), viewers are turning to new houseguests, new challenges and new cast! Here’s how the game works like this: Every Sunday, the head of the family, where all the players compete for power In the house. HoH then appointed two HouseGuests for expansion. A few days later competition “Power veto” the six players (HoH, nominees and three guests) tried to win the Golden veto, whichHer ability to “inhibit” or cancel your Hong Kong gives, force HoH appoint another person (except veto the service) to manage. Then to throw a weekly house, vote for something to kick out people forever forever. Along the way is Food Competition (which, if not, HuisGuest won, leads to what they eat “job” for a week) and competition Luxury Sometimes, all leading to the final where a group of jury alternate judges vote for those Who receives half a million dollars! Big Brother 14 will existOut of 16 people, 4 of them returning from the previous season. 4 people return to a team of 3 people supervised. The points of each team are home team.BB16 now 2 HOH. HOH each to 2 election, then at the team in a fight known as the Battle of theBlock. A few nominees for safety and takzheSvergnut HOH, after which they leave HOH is a candidate for the replacement. POV is still there, so now there are 2 candidates to get the opportunity