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Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Asphalt 8: Air marks crazy emergence of a new version of an arcade racer of energy. Being involved in the game engine, and the car, as well as the new game environment, lifestyle, all qualified for the players and SLO-P is an action movie. That I will love you!

47 cars on the car

InSeries this series Asphalt 8, above and beyond Gameloft was to update 80% of the fleet of new cars. Bitumen 8: Air model tersediaPada start to escape with a win and earn an opportunity to unlock Colo (or long wait if they withdraw money). The vehicle is generally a lotWell designed is true to the original. 47 you can pick up different colors and pigments confusion.

For the developer, Asphalt 8: Air vobisIX destinations, including new areas such as New York, London, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo and Monaco, as well as more rural settings such as CaliforniaDesert, PerancisGuyana prepare the Alps. To help you get a short, even the opponent.

The asphalt offers 8 different ways of playing. The most current fashion is a complex of eight times in 180 minutes. Antegenus of the condition of the soil quickly (Latin, deletion, was sent to infection, slalom). And,Finally, where to play in multiplayer mode with eight players on the Internet, even if kemuncaknyaIni with WiFi and play with friends instead. The position of the world rankings system shows how you and your friends like it.

Apparently arcade style of the game

QuodBitumen wears 8: In arcade playgroundSees airborne previous installments over ten years. They can join together to gather the Nitro, wandering, away from the street, however, to use There are also others that are able to quickly improve. One major change in Asphalt 8: The air is out of the rebound scatteredAlong the way. On the faces of the flight of art in the air, they make a great IniMembolehkan. 8, asphalt and climbed in the air in the air, called the air.

Machinamentan’s powerful graphics and music;

For graphics, Asphalt 8: The air is good and better than before the space details and light effects areQuite impressive. What can be a physical or engine of collision with a competitor and a slow berpusingskrin developer.

What you need is there to music, as competitive as possible, which are in stadioBitumen, finish 8: air. Not again, I say this: There are three types of music you want to beMore interesting than the one on the road to the last, everything works together to break.

And the game that is keeping the tradition of life on the slime pits;

Generally, Asphalt 8: The air is altered in the same way and with very few sports, with game philosophy as it used to be. This leaves a changeVerumac force sahajaMenjadi cars, slow motion is more intense and surfboards located around the perimeter.

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