Guide To Building Custom Gaming Computers

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To produce the best possible results when playing the latest PC video games, you should begin a process to determine your gaming preferences, starting with selecting the type of hardware you need, to ensure that the chosen parts work correspondingly before configuring or reconfiguring your gaming gaming

If you’re buying a gaming computer that comes pre-built you’ll also want to make sure it says it comes with a version of Windows pre-installed, as some companies will sell computers without an operating system or with just a trial version of it. Be careful.

But assuming you don’t have a fat wad of cash that you can freely blow on the most expensive machines on the market, let’s consider good value PCs that balance price and performance, both pre-built and projects you want to put together yourself, and clear up some of the easy mistakes you can make that are specific to gaming computers.

From the deluge of people who contacted me, I was able to hone in on additional Lego-based computers that people were interested in. The Mini Lego Computer offered a powerful option in a small form factor, but for some that power was outside of their budget.