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Aqua Data Studio (x86 / x64) – complete


Aqua Data Studio (x86 / x64) – Full:, Aqua Data Studio is a program to improve productivity for database developers, DBAs and analysts. It allows you to create, access, manage and analyze visual data.Whether you work in relational databases, NoSQL and cloud data easily and quickly accessible from Aqua Data Studio. It supports all major database vendor, operating system is allMain and is in 9 languages.

Aqua Studio allows you to analyze StudioAnalytics dadenyhvizualizatsyyadata using a drag and drop interface is easy to use. You can make the query results into the worksheet to create beautiful data visualization, the creation of dashboards by dragging and dropping a few sheets of imaging, as well as save and sharethem in the books with colleagues and clients, allowing them to easily navigate and interact Withdata.


Database IDE: Aqua Data Studio is a modern IDE with the medium. This allows fixed Docs window to query windows, which are grouped mogutbytor saved for flexibility. Easy to manage and view all open windows and files requests.

Visual Streamlining: creating beautiful visualizations and dashboards of your data to be able to learn about and share with others. Identification of patterns and trends,to find opportunitiesFurther analysis. Providing you with improved business decisions, reduce risks and solve complex problems.

Query Analyzer Tool: Advanced Query Analyzer allows you to connect to any database server and perform SQL-zapytav.SQL formatter syntaxand the possibility of auto-save you time writing SQL statements. You can view the results of a query in a text form, type of network, type of rotation, or as a form of filtering and export ofQuick. SQL History allows you to quickly get all the previous requests, not losing them.

editorData Tables: Aqua Data Studio provides a data table editor allows you to edit the query result set is performed in the table, using a user friendly graphical interface. This allows easy zmyanitsdadenyya and add or delete rows editable via networkExcel.

Visual Query Builder: Visual Query Builder allows selectDatabase tables directly from the GUI, and then specify columns to retrieve, join, sorting options, filtering criteria and other query parameters in a network format. In addition to selecting tables and addingrequest parameters, creates a Visual Query Builder full expression of the SQL, which can be viewed, copied and executed in the Visual Query Builder dialog box.

Export Import Tools: Import iekspart devices allow you to import and exportData of different database formats, tables, objects and files.

SQL Debuggers:debugger for Oracle, Sybase ASE, DB2 LUW and SQL Server allow you to monitor and debug stored procedures to identify any development and production problems.

Object Database Navigator and Visual Editor Overview of database objects and visually edit them with just a few simpleclicks. Create, edit and delete withoutMusic write a line of code.

Open ScriptsAPIs: creation environment stsenaryyavz open API, allowing you to create and debug scripts that automate database tasks using a full set of product features.

SSH: create and connectSSH for as many server as you need and run commands in the user tabbed graphical interface. For additional security it is also password key generator and agent’s private key.

toolsEnhanced Administration: The administrative tools for Amazon Redshift, DB2LUW, Greenplum, Informix, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Netezza,Oracle, ParAccel, PostgreSQL, Sybase Anywhere, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, terabytes Aster, Teradata and Vertica. Key aspects of the server. Most of these databases are managers sampling, storage, security, and session. For the Oracle, there is also a rollback log, and SGA Manager. For MS SQL Server is an optional agent manager.For Amazon Redshift,Netezza and Vertica, there is also a type of query history.

FluidShell: FluidShell an interactive shell that combines the power of SQL command line with the versatility of a Unix shell.

MongoShell for MongoDB: MongoShell provides interaktyvnyJavaScript script with almost the same syntax and functionalityfor Mongo Shell.
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Comparison Tool comparison DDL schema objects from different databases in an easy to use graphical interface, which shows the differences in databaseData and object level. Use the same search results for comparison tool files and folders on yourcomputer.

ER Modeler: Aqua Data Studio ER Modeler Modeler and the scheme is intended to design, edit and cancel the database schema. Tables, views, attitudes and abmezhavanniperavtvoratstsa in the form of lines, nodes and vectors so that you can view the complex abstract objects and processesdatabase in a consistent pattern ER.

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