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5KPlayer 4.5

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5KPlayer to play video at high quality, you can download from YouTube or Dailymotion, and you can even send them to your TV or big screen through playback. More convenient than other media players are still fast and reliable in everyday life. Perfect for those who just want to play video without problems.

Play what you want, when you want

Kaliadkrytaya 5KPlayer can easily choose the type of play content. HD video (including 4k and 5k) MP3 audio, DVD-movies and evenStreaming audio support online. Controls that you expect the media player, in addition to the abuse of image control.

Download music video from YouTube or Dailymotion Want? 5KPlayer can give you the hand to select video on the site, and use spampavatsvysokuyu quality and keep it in the video library, with the ability to convert to MP3 or AAC, just as you can hear audio clips.

AirPlay interesting integration by sending video and audio to any screen orSpaces connected to the internal network. If you have Apple TV, for example, we can say 5KPlayer to play any video on your TV, and vice versa (5KPlayer can also receive AirPlay content).

Customize window two options, one for audio and one for photo, allowing you to change things like colorful elements when the video is playing. In addition, due to the absence of playback again.

Handles easily

5KPlayer mood you originally, offer optionsUsually and hiding everything that is not absalyutnapatrabuetstsa. This simplest, is much more like mobile phone software that desktop applications, is honest is closer, especially compared with the complexity of the VLC.

There we encountered problems we were experiencing: Recovery, downloading and changing video and smooth and without problems. In this sense, we can say that the 5KPlayer also performs his basic function as well.

BolshVLC simple, more powerful QuickTime

If you are tired of VLC’s controversy and are looking for an alternative alternativeThe default information for Mac OS X, 5KPlayer can only be a good midpoint.